Paint and Pose Workshop in Columbus, Ohio

Hi ladies,

It’s been a busy couple of months in the studio, but we’re excited to reconnect with you all again! After hosting our Galentine’s Night and Yoga for Mother’s Day Event in our Boudoir Studio in Columbus, Ohio we’re thrilled to announce our third event of the summer: Paint & Pose… a creative workshop where you can fully express yourself through art and photography. 

As photographers, we draw inspiration from various forms of art and love learning from different artists. So when I (Nursah) discovered Chelsea’s Instagram account (@mariestudio__), her art, style, and studio immediately caught my eye, and I reached out to her.

After meeting for coffee, we decided to combine our talents and offer a special event to you: Paint & Pose Workshop! This even will take place in Chelsea’s studio at 400 W. Rich St, Franklinton area, Columbus. During this workshop, Chelsea will provide materials and her expertise to help you create your own abstract artwork to take home. She aims for this piece to be a true expression of yourself!

Sarah and I will also be there, capturing candid photos while you create your artwork. But that’s not all! Chelsea has generously opened her studio (studio 222)  for anyone interested in a private photo session, designed to further your self-expression. This session doesn’t have to be a Boudoir shoot—we want you to feel empowered in whatever way you choose. While we love Boudoir and encourage self-love, we believe empowerment can be achieved in any outfit. For those interested in Boudoir, here are a few photos I took of Chelsea as samples of what we can do in a 15-minute session.

Sound amazing? Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 21st , 2-3 pm ! Again, this ticketed event will be held at 400 West Rich Street’s Bridge Gallery, with the painting workshop inside and private photo sessions either in Chelsea’s studio or outside in the alley pictured—how cool is that?! See all the details and BOOK A SPOT HERE!

Questions? You can always Contact Us!

Hope to see you all soon:)



Our mission is to uplift women through self-love with photos. Because when a woman has self-confidence, she is happier and makes others around her happier- and the world needs more of that! So I am here to capture your beauty, show your strengths and give you confidence while being EXACTLY YOU!