How to Prepare for your Boudoir Session

Now that you have booked your session with our Boudoir Photo Studio in Columbus, Ohio you may be wondering what you should do next. Preparing for your session doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, it should be fun!! And we can help! So we prepared this blog post to show you a few ways to prepare for your Boudoir Photo Session.

1- Plan ahead and Schedule Your Appointments

Right after you book your session with us we recommend you schedule all of your appointments so you are ready for your photo shoot.  Here are some appointments you may want to consider:

  • Book your waxing for one week before your session
  • Book your haircut/color one week before your session. You want to make sure your roots and style are fresh.
  • Book your mani-pedi one or two days before your session. This ensures that your nail polish won’t chip before your session. One pro tip: Avoid bright colors, and choose neutral colors.
  • Thinking about having a spray tan? We have a $25 coupon for you through Baltic Bronze, contact us!

2- Choosing Your Wardrobe

We have a few boudoir pieces in the studio but don’t forget… this session is ALL ABOUT YOU! So feel free to search for outfit ideas and go shopping for yourself. You can check what to wear tips coming to our blog soon or look at our Pinterest inspiration boards HERE.  But let us give you a quick summary of where to start.

  • Check your closet for outfits first. Pick out clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. This can include lingerie, robes, teddies, bralettes, tops, sweaters, and rompers. We suggest bringing 3-5 pieces to show your personality. Can’t narrow it down? Bring it all and we will help you pick.
  • Try on all of your outfits to make sure they fit. If you don’t love the outfit, or the fit, don’t bring it!
  • Don’t forget the shoes, hats or accessories! They add so much to the photos.
  • Overall, don’t overthink your wardrobe. Bring outfits you love and we’ll do the rest on your session day:)


3-Pamper Yourself

A week leading up to your session take this time to pamper yourself. Hopefully you have booked your appointments so your hair and nails will be looking amazing. Here are some other tips to ensure your body is looking and feeling great the day of your session.

  • Be sure that you get your beauty sleep the night before.
  • Moisturize 2x day that week leading up to your session.
  • WATER! WATER! WATER! Your body will look and feel better if it’s properly hydrated.
  • Shave your underarms, legs, and bikini line the night before or the morning of your session.

4-And the Day of Your Session

There are still a few thing we would love you to do on the day of your session:

  • Plan ahead, prepare your bag your bag the night before and allow plenty of time to arrive a few minutes early. You’ll feel at ease and ready to slay your boudoir session!
  • Show up with a moisturized clean, makeup-free face. Our makeup artist will take care of the rest.
  • Show up with your hair clean and completely dry. Don’t use any hair products before arriving at your session. We want to avoid greasy or flaky hair.
  • Wear loose clothing to the studio. Tight clothes (and bras and socks) can leave indentations on your skin.

Annnd we think now you are ready to ROCK your boudoir session. Relax and Have Fun!


Our mission is to uplift women through self-love with photos. Because when a woman has self-confidence, she is happier and makes others around her happier- and the world needs more of that! So I am here to capture your beauty, show your strengths and give you confidence while being EXACTLY YOU!