Birthday Photo Shoot ideas

Birthday Boudoir Photoshoot 

Why you should do a birthday boudoir photoshoot?

For the most part, big celebrations doesn’t really happen unless you’re hitting a new decade. But, even if it’s not a big decade number, every year around the sun should be an occasion to celebrate. Your life, your existence is a reason to celebrate! So, why not try something special for yourself? A birthday boudoir photoshoot doesn’t just result in amazing keepsakes to have for years to come, but you’ll also have an incredible, confidence-boosting experience… just what you need on your special day! And that’s just what Emily did!


When Emily came to me for the idea of a boudoir shoot for her 30th birthday, I was so excited. This was a 1st in the studio and something I’ve ever wanted to do! She told me her ideas… the balloons, the cake… I suggested a champagne pop. We used many of the props for some fun photos for the occasion but I also wanted add some boudoir photos to her gallery to show how special it is to be 30, and fabulous!

The power of a Boudoir Shoot on your Birthday

So, if you’re thinking to yourself “Ok, but really, Isn’t that a little self-indulgent?” or “I could never do that!” Believe me, you can and you should! You owe it to yourself to live your life to the fullest. To indulge yourself by doing something that forces you to get out of your comfort zone. To honor your very existence.  And the fact that you’re making the commitment to do something just for yourself out of the norm, something that may be scary to you maybe,  will make the experience even more valuable!

Now let’s celebrate the beautiful, 30 years young confident woman with these amazing keepsake photos that I am sure she will love looking for years to come. Happy New Decade and Happy Birthday Emily!

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Our mission is to uplift women through self-love with photos. Because when a woman has self-confidence, she is happier and makes others around her happier- and the world needs more of that! So I am here to capture your beauty, show your strengths and give you confidence while being EXACTLY YOU!