Behind a Boudoir Photo Shoot…

On today’s blog post I wanted to share what you can expect from a Boudoir photo shoot with us, in our boudoir photography studio in Delaware, Ohio. Because if you are following us on INSTAGRAM, you will see small sneaks of gorgeous sessions I’ve been shooting. But really, what do you get in your gallery once your boudoir session is done?

To start, this session is one of the 1st sessions I’ve done in the studio! I was still learning studio’s lighting, playing around the furniture I had… And besides working on the technical aspects of a boudoir photo session, I was also working on getting genuine expressions from my clients, to show a bit of their personality.


Because when you think of Boudoir, everyone thinks about sexy or nude photos… to me, that’s just a part of it. To me, Boudoir Photography is the art of creating an empowering experience for women. It’s unique to person. It’s not just about the perfect body. My aim with your boudoir session is to create photos that you are proud to look at, photos that you’ll see yourself. To me, Boudoir photography is giving an experience that will have you leave the studio as a different person!

Some are braver than others, some are not. Whatever your comfort level, whatever your goal with your photos, we (as a team now) are here to support you and uplift you… to show you how beautiful you are, inside and out. All body types, all races and all ages are welcome!

So, if you are ever hesitating about a session, I hope this blog post helps. You may want a more modest session or maybe e VERY sexy session… tell us your ideas and we will make it happen.

See our GALLERY for some of the latest sessions since I’ve been shooting for more than 2 years in the studio now. Hope you like and we get to meet with you soon!




Our mission is to uplift women through self-love with photos. Because when a woman has self-confidence, she is happier and makes others around her happier- and the world needs more of that! So I am here to capture your beauty, show your strengths and give you confidence while being EXACTLY YOU!