Boudoir Model Call

Thank you so much for applying for Exactly You Boudoir’s boudoir model call! Exactly You is a modern and professional Boudoir Studio located in Downtown Delaware, north of Columbus/Ohio.

As I expend my 7 years of photography knowledge into Boudoir, I am looking for a few women and couples with no modeling experience who would love the opportunity to be a model for the day. I’m looking for a variety of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. If you are looking to have a fun day, feel empowered and confident and reconnect with your inner beauty, and your partner, this is your moment!

What is required to model?

  • You MUST be 21 years of age or older
  • You must be willing to sign a model release for a use of at least 10 images from your gallery. In exchange, you will receive 3-5 complimentary digital files of your choice.
  • The images will be used for marketing/promotional purposes, displayed in both print and digital format at the photographer’s discretion. No social media tagging is required.
  • Be available on a weekday. Shoot start time is between 9.30-11.30 AM. Image reveal will be 60 minutes after your session.
  • $100 booking retainer. This reserves your studio time. The retainer will be refunded if you decide not to purchase any prints. If you do, it will be applied to your order.

So what do you get for modeling? (Valued at $275)

  • Complimentary 60 minute photo shoot at my studio
  • The experience to be a model for the day!
  • $100 product credit (from booking fee)
  • Discounted Hair&Make Up application price, if you chose to
  • Same day artwork design session

Products Offered

Exactly You Boudoir offers a relaxed, fun and empowering experience where you will leave feeling confident and beautiful. We offer the most luxurious products for our clients to display their beautiful images exactly as they are – works of ART! Albums, prints and wall art are all available.

Information on pricing and payment plans:

Most clients invest between $500-$1200 for their custom boudoir session with Exactly You Boudoir. Print collections start at $500 and albums start at $800. My two most popular products are the Little Black Book albums and my gorgeous glass boxes of fine art prints. You can contact me to view The Investment Guide anytime.

Payment Plans

Product orders can be paid by cash, check or credit card. If you would prefer to break your order price into smaller pieces, I offer a payment plan. This payment plan is interest-free, but products are not delivered until the order is paid in full. You will need to pay a minimum deposit of $200 when you place your order and agree to a monthly payment that is comfortable for you.


If Interested, please send me an email from HERE. Leave your name and phone number, a little bit about yourself and the reason you want to do this shoot.

Once I review all of our submissions, I will get in touch with the successful applicants. If you are selected you will then receive an email that you will need to reply to in order to claim your spot. If it is not claimed within 48 hours, I will move on to other applicants. Once claimed, you will receive the invoice to pay your booking fee. You will also need to choose your date and time.

Again, thank you for your interest and Good luck!


Exactly You Boudoir


I am Nursah; Photographer who also has an Architecture and Graphic Design degree. I also have two amazing kids and goldendoodle pup. I am passionate, energetic and full of life- definitely cup half full type. Why Boudoir?! After becoming a mom, and going through my divorce, I realized how much pressure women put themselves under. I had started to forget the Real me, that traveler, that risk taker, that loud laugher! I was taking boudoir photos for my brides through my wedding photography business but after my own boudoir session, I realized the real meaning of Boudoir Photography. I discovered that, when done right, it can change one’s life, how we see ourselves, how we can re-discover our power.